Tuesday, September 29 2020 - 6:55 AM

Sharing Christ Through the Arts

a person sitting on a rock
Photo by Christopher Sardegna with Unsplash

Beyond Fear

It’s not a giant shouting
a challenge to his enemy,
but a still, small voice
that is calling me,
I don’t have to
trust and believe,
He’s not asking me
to walk on the waves,
He is simply asking to move
into this heart that strayed,
He isn’t telling me
what I want to hear or know,
He just keeps
prompting me to go,
and step out in faith,
knowing that
He is always near.

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About Donice Palmer


Donice Palmer

who attends the Centerville church in the Ohio Conference, started writing poems in grade school, but turned to spiritual themes 11 years ago when she "opened her heart and life to God."

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