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A King Is Born

A King is Born

It was a simple, lowly town In Judah’s tribal land, But from it there would rise a king With a skilled workman’s hand. This mighty …

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Beyond Fear

a person sitting on a rock

It’s not a giant shouting a challenge to his enemy, but a still, small voice that is calling me, I don’t have to trust and …

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God’s Soldier: Cry

Rail yard

God saved Nicholas Hill from a life of self destruction and ruin. Out of his struggles Nico has developed a poetry art form he calls …

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Scribble Dee Sophie

a woman writing

We spoke with Adventist writer and author, Karen Spruill, about her latest children’s book.  Editor – Karen you are a seasoned writer have written for numerous …

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Day of Rest

Day of Rest

It’s fair to say that the Sabbath is my favorite time of the week. No Television, no assignments, no nothing. Just peaceful rest and observation …

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Absent Minded

When Rudy, our first-born, started college, I knew it was apron-string-cutting time, even though he still lived at home. But it wasn’t easy to do, especially …

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Do You Love Me?

I was in my very first days as a minister when my senior pastor asked me one Sabbath morning to visit someone who had called …

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