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inSpire 2019 Winning Songs

For the last five years inSpire has been producing a songwriting contest for singer/songwriters within the Seventh-day Adventist Church (throughout North America). In 2019 we decided to have everyone submit their entries via their smartphones. We did this to try and level the playing field, because everyone doesn’t have access to a professional recording studio, and we are primarily interested in the quality of the songs (the integrity of their construction) and not the quality of the recordings.

Our judges this year were Greg Evans, Courtney Breann Jepson, Sivasa Laupati, Larry Karpenko, and Nicholas Miller. Each one is an accomplished songwriter and musician in their own right. We are grateful for their willingness to listen to the 53 entries that came in and to evaluate them for the contest. The purpose of the contest is not to pit songwriters against each other as much as it is to promote the songwriting craft as a worthy vehicle for bringing good to life and sharing hope with our world.

The judges were asked to rank each song for, (1) their musicality and compositional integrity, and (2) the lyrics.

inSpire 2019 Winning Songs

Track 1
(10-15 yrs)

First – Live Compassion | Lyrics, by Melody Jardinico from Jersey City, New Jersey

Second – Guide My Journey | Lyrics, by Lucas Mamier from Loma Linda, California

Third – You Died for Me | Lyrics, by Danielle Tarango from Downey, California

Track 2
(Ages 16 yrs and up)

First – All the Time in the World | Lyrics, by Josie Minikus from Jasper, Oregon

Second – Break Down the Walls | Lyrics, by Jennifer Sanabria from Apopka, Florida

Third – Truly Loved | Lyrics, by Hannah Dow from Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Runners Up

Never Alone | Lyrics, by David Dean from Prather, California

The Best in Me | Lyrics, by Aren Bruce from Takoma Park, Maryland

Sweet Peace | Lyrics, by Jennifer Keszler from Carmel, California

This Old Guitar | Lyrics, by Gene Stewart from Cypress, Texas

Surrender | Lyrics, by Jacqueline Moore from Trotwood, Ohio

Heaven | Lyrics, by Stanton Flemons from Canton, Georgia

Among the Waves | Lyrics, by Denielle Babb from Thompsonville, Illinois

Broken Heart | Lyrics, by Cheyna Ashe from Clovis, California

Nothin’ Else | Lyrics, by John Millea from Bristow, Oklahoma

Reminder | Lyrics, by Michelle Alonso from Harrisburg, Mississippi

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