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inSpire 2020

inSpire 2020 is coming to Phoenix, Arizona. The date is April 18, 2020, (location to be announced). We’re eager to connect with Adventist creatives throughout Arizona and beyond.

As with previous gatherings, Sabbath will include music, poetry, visual art, a panel discussion, a worship message that focuses on using the creative arts to promote compassion, good food, TED-talk like presentations by creatives, and an open mic.

Connect With Us – We want to know about you. Do you write songs, poetry, or make videos? Are you a floral arranger, visual artist, calligrapher, or wood carver? The modes of expression are all over the map, and each discipline is a gift that can be used to help tell God’s story. Even if your work is not overtly religious, you can use it to bring good to life and make the world a better place.

Tell us about yourself

Program Content – (To be posted here as it develops) Check back with us!

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