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Talking With Our Awesome God

It happened on a Wednesday morning. I woke up after a good night’s sleep and found myself sitting on the side of the bed. Whether right or wrong, I usually do not pray the first thing in the morning. My reason: I wake in the morning with a significant amount of pain, which distracts me from concentrating until the medication takes hold. However, on this day, I felt a definite urge to pray right then, despite the distracting pain.

For about two and one half months my house had been for sale. The reason: My health problems were a concern to all four of my children. Ten years earlier my wife had passed away and I was living alone in another city. Nine years prior I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, plus I was currently battling with extreme pain in my back that went down my left thigh. These concerns required several doctor appointments, which meant one of my children had to take off work, drive me to the doctor’s office and then report the results to the other siblings. The request came through my oldest son. He said, “Dad, all four of your children feel you should sell your house and move closer to one of us.”

Of course, even before listing the house, I had prayed, “Lord I have talked with you about my move and selling the house. However Lord, at the risk of feeling sorry for myself, I would like You to see the sale of my house through. The reason: The pain in my back is distracting my thinking as are the pain pills and the effect the Parkinson’s has on my ability to think clearly.”

During the two and one half months we had two open houses. Twenty to thirty family units came through each open house. Their comments came through loud and clear – beautiful house, the price is right, your house will sell quickly! In addition, twenty-three family units came through individually with a real estate agent.

Even though 40-60 family units came through the open houses and another 23 family units were shown the house by a real estate agent, most left saying very postive things about the house. I asked if You would take the sale over. How are You doing on that, Lord?

No, I would never talk to the Lord like that!

That Wednesday morning, my bedside prayer went something like this: “Good morning Lord. As You know, I am getting anxious about the sale of the house. I feel, Lord, that I need to be at the place where my children have chose for me to live because of the facilities available, the daily exercise classes, the speech and physical therapy sessions available to me to mention a few. However, Lord, if for some reason that place is not to Your liking, please tell me…”

After my short prayer request, my daily activities began as usual. At ten o’clock my phone rang. It was the usual check-in time for my real estate lady to call with an update. There was no update, but another family wanted to look at the house at 1:00 pm. My answer, sure let them come through. The husband, wife, and two kids came through – they left as usual – without saying much to me.

However, at three o’clock, I received an offer and by 3:30 p.m., after getting an okay from all four of my adult children, I accepted the offer!

Do you think God (Who knows all) maybe just wanted me to reassure myself that I really desired to move to that place? He wanted me to talk to Him again, justify my wants and desires and then, maybe, after I justified my thinking, God might be ready to grant my prayer request – He did, and very quickly!

WOW, what an awesome God we have!

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